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Thread: 240p Test Suite by Artemio Urbina

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    Default 240p Test Suite by Artemio Urbina

    I don't know how well-known this program is, but essentially, it is the video game equivalent of the HDE Basics Blu Ray that many are familiar with, a program that allows you to adjust your monitor and sound system properly. Right now, there are versions for the SNES, Genesis, TG16, Wii, and GameCube, but Artemio's goal is to have them on every platform. After months of using these programs, I finally decided to donate to his project because I enjoy getting the updates now and then and would like to see him release more of these, specifically, ones for the NES, 3DO, Jaguar, and PC. The input latency test is a lot of fun and can be interesting to compare it across different setups with different cables, monitors etc. The controller function test for Genesis and SNES is absolutely invaluable, as I was able to quickly discover which of my Genesis controllers were not functioning properly.

    So yes this is a shameful pitch to try to get others to support and invest in this project and hopefully allow for more compatibility across other platforms or add new features. It has been a godsend to have these test suites to be able to see proper aspect ratios, overscan issues, or picture warping on my CRTs that was easier to pinpoint using this.

    Link for download:

    It is 100% free to download these legally by the way
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