The problem with the closing of 3DS ( or even Wii U ) and Wii online shops is that it is a system that people brought into. Believing their purchase would be respected and they would be able to go it with there hardware. As with Googleplay/AppleStore/Microsoft Store which allows you to DLC anything you already purchase forever. Same with a fee-based subscription simular to a Golf-Course, Adobe-products, and so forth allows you to install on as many devices you want to.

The biggest problem with all is when hardware makers ( like Lenova lying about viruses and earlier hardware ) wants to make sales. When you the consumer find loop-holles ( like how you could take
a Labtop from 2016 and use an external GPU ) many of these software manifacturers will slowly put up barriers ( make it impossible or limit your usage, or just do not support the feature ( even if it is fully
supported ).


Like saying "hey my Wii works, why not just allow me to make digital purchases without forcing me to upgrade via a Homebrew app.

Nintendo is like ....nah that is not how we roll. Just purchase a Switch already. We do not even care if you modify the darn thing, just keep your DLC outside our networks otherwise we will brick-you and you will have a Brick-U..

The truth is that these manifactruers do not rspect us ( the consumers, players, fans, etc ) at all. Especially the fact we are not Japanese. To make things worst is when you have people in the videogame-market-place making promises and lying through there teeth to produce garbage,
like that woman and her Android gaming device that turned out to be Wannabe Chinar-ware junk.

The shops should stay open and companies like Nintendo and Microsoft should promote making
sales on these various hardware along with promoting connectivity.

Not just "buy the Switch II it will be great, look you could run Linux. Android, and Wine on it."

Especially when you have phones out there that are way more powerful. Or even if the fact that
Apple literally keeps making desktops that are literally after-market chips. There goes the next generation of gaming. Might as well get an apple M3 M4 and emulate whatever game system
that comes next. Dress it up like a NES and call it a day.