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Thread: the gameboys with the GIANT logo on them

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    Default the gameboys with the GIANT logo on them

    Just out of curiosity, does any one have a game boy with the giant logo on the front under the screen?

    I was watching something on youtube recently and they showed part of an old commercial and while i've always noticed it, this was the first time i was thinking if any one ever found one.
    I think they did the same thing with the play it loud ones too.

    and its comically large, like they really wanted to make sure you could see what it was in the 240 line screens it was being shown on

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    Game Boy consoles with oversized logos were not sold to the general public and were only manufactured as (functional) props for advertising/marketing. Some of these altered Game Boy consoles have entered the hands of private collectors, but otherwise I've never heard of any that were actually sold.

    If you find yourself really itching to own one, it's very easy nowadays to get an all-new DMG console housing with the larger lettering silk screen printed on. The GB modding scene in general is quite active these days, and I've definitely seen at least a couple of instances of people recreating the large lettering/advertising Game Boy for fun.

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