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Thread: The Final 7 Games for Nintendo Wii U and 3DS are from Sungrand Studios

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    Cool The Final 7 Games for Nintendo Wii U and 3DS are from Sungrand Studios

    Sungrand Studios is launching the last seven games for the Nintendo 3DS and the Nintendo Wii U - yes, even now that Nintendo has stopped taking credit card and debit card transactions directly via the consoles, and yes, even now that Nintendo will soon stop accepting eShop gift cards directly via the consoles. How? People can either pre-load their Nintendo accounts with credits or use the Nintendo Web site to make the purchases with credit cards, debit cards, eShop gift cards, existing funds, or PayPal - the eShops will continue to allow downloads and software upgrades for the foreseeable future. The dev., Sungrand Studios, says that the entire set of games should cost a total of only $90 USD, which is about $13 per game.

    Sungrand Studios's YouTube Channel

    What are the names of the games? They are:

    1. Ghoul Busters (just launched for 3DS during July 2022)
    2. White Inside Its Umbra
    3. 3 Down Stars Undertakers
    4. Gaiden
    5. Guardians
    6. Metal Exterminators
    7. Vicarious Brothers

    Here are a few videos:

    The Final 7 Wii U and 3DS Games Will Start Launching

    The Upcoming 3DS Game That Shouldn't Exist

    There are a few trailers:

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    White Inside its Umbra on the surface looks good. The Ghoulbusters game looks like it could be in 3D with how the pendulums swing along with the trees in the foreground. Tempting for both but I don't want to knee-jerk buy if this is just a feeling of FOMO due to the shop closing.

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    I like the Silver Falls series (and Animelee) but I feel like Jerrel pushes himself too hard. Lad needs a vacation.
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    I don't really count releases if they're not available physically. Silver Falls sort of looks alright, though it looks kind of like the various cheap horror games that kept coming out on PCs/Steam around 10 years ago, they ones you always saw people playing through on youtube while filming themselves getting spooked.

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