Hi Everyone,

You might remember my game GB Corp., an idle management game that rewards you for playing it on several Game Boy models (DMG, GBP, GBC, SGB, GBA...). A prototype version of this game was released last year for free as a ROM file.

Today I'm happy to announce that a complete version of the game (with new features) is available as a physical release on KickStarter:

As usual, you can get the game as a loose cartridge or with a CIB package (box + manual). But the reason we are running a Kickstarter is to make 2 other editions of the game a reality, with unique items:

- A Deluxe Edition that will contains 2 copies of the game, a link cable (working with all GB models) and many goodies inside a "big box". Indeed, the game now supports 2 Players over link cable, so you can have 2 different Game Boy models working together in the game.

- An Exclusive Edition, that contains the Deluxe Edition + a unique set of miniature furniture to show off your Game Boy collection. You'll get an office chair and a desk to display any Game Boy model on your shelf (compatible with DMG, GBP and GBC). You'll also get a "Cartridge Filing Cabinet" so you can show off some of your game cartridges alongside the console!

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We put a lot of work and passion into this physical release, so we hope you'll enjoy it! And if you do, please pre-order the game over Kickstarter to make it a reality: