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Thread: coax adapters: multiple in , one out?

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    Default coax adapters: multiple in , one out?

    Hi all,

    I have several old systems that all connect via coax cables to the TV. It's annoying to disconnect/reconnect the cable anytime I switch systems. Is there an adapter that allows multiple coax inputs and one output? Splitters do the opposite. I have an A/V adapter that goes 3-to-1, with a toggle switch that allows you to choose which of the three sources is active. Can't seem to find something similar for coax connections. How do others handle multiple older systems and one TV?


    OK- When posting this, "Similar Threads" might have given me an answer (I had tried searching before posting, but got too many results to properly review.)

    Answer: coaxial switchbox. Any recommendations for/against? Thanks again.
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