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Thread: Vita is now downgradable through a web address.

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    Default Vita is now downgradable through a web address.

    I haven't done so myself, but I do have two OLED Vita and two PS Vita TVs that I will eventually add custom firmware, but now you can pretty much turn your Vita into an unlocked entertainment device. Great for PS Vita TV owners who can use a PS3 or PS4 controller and have this all hooked up to your TV.

    It also makes the Vita able to use SD cards with this as well. Anyways, here's a Youtube video.
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    Yeah, I did this with mine. In addition, if you have the 1000 model, you can now create a 1GB internal card similar to what was done with the 2000 model so you don't have to hunt for a memory card if all you want to do is jailbreak the unit.
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    I only have a have a handful of Vita games and half of them are digital. I played it last week for the first time in several years only to be greeted with crashes from a corrupt memory card. When I went to format and reinstall everything, I found out that Sony had broken the ability to install games directly from the PS3 to the Vita, which left me with several Vita games that I have no way to reinstall now.

    Prior to that I had zero interest in installing CFW. Now I'll be doing it ASAP.

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