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Thread: An improved port* of Wipeout

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    Default An improved port* of Wipeout

    *= because you'll need a PSX copy for it to work. your basically ripping assets from the PSX disk to work in the pc engine they are using.
    i'm trying to find my copy of wipeout currently to try it but i thought i'd share this while i am digging it out.

    i'm curious if its really a native PC app utilizing assets or a PSX emu wrapper for a disk image. if its the latter, lame, sorry. let me know if you get to it first. other wise have fun

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    Okay......this is essentially an emulator that runs Wipeout and gives you various emulator options.
    I could use ePSXe right now and pretty much do the same thing. Even with that emulator on Dreamcast
    as well. You need to have the raw data-files for the game in a folder as well. Like literally not an .iso
    but the tracks in a folder ( as many various PSX games was written rather then data ).

    My question next would be. Where is the option for Kalleria? or How do we install the Kalleria client in this?

    I am pretty sure I could load ePSXe with the correct settings and get those same graphics

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