- Don't hesitate to ask if you want pictures or more details of anything.
- All prices are negotiable, and I'm happy to do trade/cash combos.
- Want list provided upon request.

Atari 2600:
Keyboard Controllers, pair (boxed) $15
Alpha Beam with Ernie (manual only) $2
Asterix (PAL version) $25
Asteroids (copyright version) $2
Demons to Diamonds (manual only) $1
Fire Burg $20
Galaxian (CIB, 1988 version) $10
King Kong $15
Lock 'N' Chase (CIB, white label) $10
Lost Luggage (blue label) $5
Maze Craze (manual only) $1
Pele's Soccer (CIB) $20
Q*Bert (manual only) $1
Smurf (CIB, PAL version by CBS Electronics) $15
Task Force (boxed) $15
Tomarc the Barbarian (writing on cart) $35

Atari 8-bit computers:
Atari 1010 Program Recorder manual $1

B.C. Quest For Tires (worn label) $8
B.C. II Grog's Revenge $15
Bejeweled (boxed, never came with instructions) - trade only
Congo Bongo $15
Cosmic Avenger (w/ manual) $7
Donkey Kong Junior (boxed) $15
Frenzy $20
Frogger (w/ manual) $10
Gorf (w/ manual) $8
Heist, The $10
James Bond 007 $15
Jumpman Junior (Canadian version) $15
Jumpman Junior (CIB, CBS Electronics version) $40
Ladybug $7
Miner 2049er (CIB) $25
Mouse Trap $4
Mr. Do! (CIB) $30
Pepper II $8
Pitstop $9
Popeye $7
Q*Bert $6
Quest For Quintana Roo (Sunrise, manual only) $7
Roc'N Rope $9
Smurf $5
Smurf (sealed, CBS Electronics version) $25
Smurf Paint & Play $10
Space Fury $4
Space Invaders Collection (CIB) $100
Squish 'Em Featuring Sam (label starting to peel) $10
Super Cross Force $25
Tarzan $9
Time Pilot $8
Up N Down $35
Venture (CIB) $12
War Room (with 2 overlays) $13

Commodore VIC-20 (cartridges except where noted):
power supply
16K Memory Expansion Cartridge (Cardco)
16K RAM Cartridge
8K RAM Cartridge
cartridge port expander w/ 4 slots $25
Galactic Blitz (cassette, manual only)
HES Writer
Household Finance
Machine Language Monitor Cartridge
Multi ROM Carrier
Paratrooper (cassette)
Programmer's Aid Cartridge $15
Super Expander With 3K RAM Cartridge
Synthesound (no label, writing on cart)
Turtle Graphics
Vic Music Composer
Visible Solar System $5

Commodore 64/128 (disk software except where noted):
Bard’s Tale, The (cassette, CIB)
Boulder Dash II (cassette, CIB)
Bubble Dizzy (cassette, CIB)
Buck Rogers: Countdown To Doomsday (CIB) $40
Buck Rogers: Countdown To Doomsday Clue Book
Copy II $25
Enforcer, The (cassette, CIB)
Frog Master (cartridge, with manual)
Garry Kitchen's Gamemaker (with manual, sample game disk, and quick reference booklet)
Gauntlet (cassette, CIB)
HES Writer 64 (cartridge)
Jumpman (cassette, CIB)
King's Bounty (command sheet only)
Legend Of Blacksilver (map only, with stickers on it)
Magic Candle, The (CIB) $40
Ms. Pac-Man (manual only)
Music Machine (cartridge, CIB)
The Musician (disk only)
Neuromancer (CIB) $65
Paperback Writer 128
Pastfinder (disk only)
Pro-Golf (box only)
Radar Rat Race (manual only)
Rodland (cassette, CIB)
Solar Fox (manual only)
Super Smash (cartridge, with manual)
Temple of Apshai (manual only)
Toolkit IV (with manual)
Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego? (CIB) $15
possibly more (I'm still working on my list)

Commodore Amiga:
A520 Video Adapter
AD&D: Eye Of The Beholder $25
Amiga 500 computer w/ power supply
Bard's Tale Construction Set, The
Heroes Of The Lance Hint Disk
Oh No! More Lemmings
TV Sports Football
possibly more (I'm still working on my list)

Commodore Amiga CD32:
Controller, Competition Pro (CIB)
Controller, Competition Pro

Gamepark GP32:

Sears console $90
Intellivision cloth cover
AD&D Treasures Of Tarmin (with box and overlays) $20
Beauty & The Beast (with overlays)
Diner $45
Dragonfire (with box and overlays)
Frogger (CIB with overlays)
Loco-motion (with manual and overlays)
SNAFU (CIB with overlays) $10
Stadium Mud Buggies $150
Swords & Serpents
Thunder Castle (no label) $15
Tron Deadly Discs
Tropical Trouble $18
White Water! $18

Laseractive (Trades Only):
Ghost Rush
Pyramid Patrol
Rocket Coaster
Triad Stone

Nintendo Famicom:
The Bard's Tale (CIB, like new - the sticker is on the shrinkwrap)
The Bard's Tale II (CIB)

Nintendo Game Boy:
Super Mario Land (manual only)

Nintendo NES:
AD&D: Heroes Of The Lance $15
AD&D: Pool Of Radiance (CB) $100
The Bard's Tale (CIB) $60
Captain Comic
Exodus: Journey To The Promised Land
FCI Screen Play Volume 5
Marble Madness
Ultima: Exodus

Nintendo SNES:
power supply

Nintendo Virtual Boy:
Galactic Pinball (sticker on cart) $20
Red Alarm (sticker on cart) $20

AD&D Gateway To The Savage Frontier/Treasures Of The Savage Frontier/Pools of Darkness (CIB) $10
Baldur's Gate (CIB with map) $20
J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord Of The Rings (CIB, both 3.5" and 5.25" disks) $25

PC Jr.:
Jumpman (CIB) $15

Sega Genesis:
standard 3 button controller
Adventures Of Mighty Max $10
Altered Beast $10
Gaiares $40
Golden Axe $15
Nobunaga's Ambition $12
Pac-Mania $10
Paperboy $7
Taz-Mania $5
Trampoline Terror (damaged case and label)

Sega CD:
Dragon's Lair (CIB)

Sega Dreamcast:
System w/power supply and AV cable
controller extension cable
keyboard controller $35
Bust-A-Move 4 $18
ChuChu Rocket! $18
Crazy Taxi $20
Gauntlet Legends $40
Mr. Driller $40
Re-Volt $18
Sega Smashpack Volume 1 $12
Sonic Adventure $40
Space Channel 5 $20
Typing of the Dead $100

Sony Playstation:
Arcade Party Pak
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night $100
Einhander $120
Final Fantasy Origins $20
Punky Skunk $40
Spyro The Dragon ("not for sale" version, disc only) $5
Star Ocean: Second Story $40

Sony Playstation 2:
The Bard's Tale
Puzzle Quest

joysticks (CIB) $20
Y-adapter for controllers $10
Junkman Junior (complete) - trade only
Zero Zap $6


Turbo Duo:
Ys 1+2 $100

Board Games:
Battle Masters (CIB)
Conquest Of The Empire (CIB)
Munchkin Quest 2: Looking For Trouble (CIB)

D&D Books:
D&D Basic Rules
Dragons Of Weng T'sen (AD&D module)

Magazines (various issues):
Compute's Gazette
Your Commodore