Amazingly, I never had an original GAMEBOY back in the day. Honestly, one time I came REALLY close, like I went into this small shop near me and even asked to look at one, I knew the popularity of them and of course I had loved my NES. Maybe I was still too impressionable back then but the sales clerk, a young fella but older than me was so anti-GAMEBOY lol, and was like naw man, don't waste your money, it's for little kid this system. Not that I was considering or could afford any alternative at the time but I never reconsidered. Who knows, maybe it was a mistake. No doubt I'd of had plenty of fun with one. Of course years later, getting into retro gaming, revisiting my childhood I see it differently. Never DID get an OG Gameboy, my first was actually a Gameboy Advance SP and over the years from collecting I did happen to obtain THIS little beauty, a GAMEBOY POCKET given to me actually, only have a couple of carts for it though......

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