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Thread: FS: Sony PSX, Namco JogCon, 3DS & DS Lite Handhelds, Gameboy Pocket Printer, Saturn Memory Carts, Hori Fighting Commander

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    Cool FS: Sony PSX, Namco JogCon, 3DS & DS Lite Handhelds, Gameboy Pocket Printer, Saturn Memory Carts, Hori Fighting Commander

    Trying to clear some stuff out. Everything is in working order unless noted. Expect normal wear and tear; if you're looking for collector's condition, this might not be for you (but I'll note when something is exceptionally nice).
    You can try offers on the smaller stuff, but I am pretty firm on the PSX. It's big and heavy.
    Zelle or Venmo only. I have PayPal but I'm not interested in using G&S.
    Not looking for trades.

    Please send me a PM if you're interested. I can provide references on request (ebay, Mercari, etc.)
    Shipping is included in the price for US buyers. Non-US buyers, please ask for shipping costs.
    Please be aware that these are shipping from outside of the US, so shipping will take up to 60 days. I can offer faster shipping methods for additional cost, please ask.

    Sony PSX (DESR-7000) - $120, parts or repair ONLY. This is the big goofy DVR thing with a PS1/2 built in. Includes a power cord and a generic A/V cable (these units have standard composite & S-Video ports). It powers on, you can navigate the menus but it won't read any media. I tried CD, DVD, and PS1/2 games. Warranty sticker is intact as far as I can tell. I did not attempt a repair. It is region locked, but you may be able to bypass the lock using tonyhax, mechapwned, FMCB, or equivalent. If you want a D-Terminal to Component cable, add $10 and I'll throw one in.

    Namco JogCon Controller (NPC-105) - $45, seems to work okay but I am not a R4 expert and I can't say for certain that it works perfectly. Feels okay to me though. YMMV. If you're buying this for competition or something you may want to think twice.

    Hori Fighting Commander (Super Famicom) - $40, works fine.

    Hori Fighting Commander (PC Engine) - $70, works fine.

    Sega Saturn Power Backup Memory Cartridge (Green) - $15, works fine. Note that Saturn cartridge slots are notoriously unreliable. Please clean your cartridge slot thoroughly. Due to the pin density, even a small speck of dust can cause cartridges not to read.

    Game Boy Pocket Printer (PARTS/REPAIR)- $40, powers on and it sounds like the feed motor is spinning, but the photo paper roll (a small amount is included) doesn't advance. May be missing parts, or have some internal issue. Not sure. Priced accordingly.

    Sony PlayStation 2 Vertical Stand (SCPH-90110, Black) - $30. Looks okay to me but YMMV. Genuine part.

    3DS JP w/ Region Free Unlock (Original Model) - $120 each, I have several colors: Rose Gold (Pearl Pink), Crimson Red, White.

    These all come with CFW/Jailbreak and English menus. eShop is EOL and do not expect to able to transfer existing accounts to these (changing JP 3DS to US firmware breaks NNID last I was aware).

    3DS LL JP w/ Region Free Unlock - $130, Blue & Black. The top screen is a bit yellowed and may have a few dead pixels, but it works perfect. Comes with CFW/Jailbreak and English menu, same limitations as above applies (eShop is EOL, no NNID transfer). If you're keen on doing a screen swap, this could be really nice, I was just never bothered enough to do it myself (this was my commuter system for a long time).

    DS Lite JP Models (Region Free) - $60, Rose Gold (Pearl Pink) & Midnight Blue. The DS Lite is region-free and you can set the menus to English.

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    items on this listing still available?

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