Hallmark has presented its video game ornament line for 2023 and it includes some icons of video game history. Every year Hallmark releases their Keepsake Ornament Collection that customers look to collect year round. 2022 consisted of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild's Link, and SEGA Genesis, and K.K. Slider from Animal Crossing, and more.

The highlights this year are Sonic, Samus from Metroid, and the lights and sounds SEGA Dreamcast. There are famous Super Mario ornaments this year as expected.

Here is the full list:

SEGA Dreamcast Console Musical Ornament With Light - $22.99 USD

Nintendo Metroid Samus Ornament - $19.99 USD

Nintendo Mario Kart Luigi Ornament - $18.99 USD

Mini Nintendo Super Mario Toad Ornament - $9.99 USD

Nintendo Super Mario Powered Up With Mario Cat Ornament - $18.99 USD

Nintendo Super Mario Personalized Ornament - $25.99 USD

Mini Pokemon Holiday Eevee Ornament - $9.99 USD

Nintendo Animal Crossing Isabelle Ornament - $18.99 USD

Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic's Spin Attack Ornament - $18.99 USD

Minecraft Warden Ornament With Light - $19.99 USD

Minecraft Bee Ornament - $13.99 USD

Fortnite Polar Peely Ornament - $18.99 USD

Fortnite Ffrosty Black Bling Ornament - $13.99 USD

Pokemon Snorlax Ornament - $18.99 USD

Mattel UNO Family Game Night Ornament. - $18.99 USD.

These would be good additions to your Christmas tree or home decorations when the time arrives this year.

Like any of those 2023 X-mas ornaments? What would you like for 2024?

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