NOTE: There are two other games in this series. I am not too certain but all have the same look more or less.

"ANNO - Mutationem" is literally game that plays no different then ZX and literally spans post-covid/sigma-virus in watered-down world, where obvious prostitution and prostetics is norm and nobody cares at all.

You start the game in this snowflake world that resembles NYC during 2005-2015 with a bunch of
Japanese stuff everywhere in your studio-apartment. Oh look here comes a drone it has VR display
of some B-ko girl. You make your way into some computer-store with an Arabic fellow ( like if this is Dubai ) into the basement where you meet this guy straight outta "Area-88" ( nice Anime ignoring racist reality it is based on ), where you literally start your decent into the madness that is "Astro-Boy".

But your not a robot ( at least for now ) and your just some random girl with a portable drone with
a Projector display on it.

Just like "Megaman Legends" you fight super bad-arse enemies that clobbers you because you have no idea WTF your doing.

Just like "Megaman ZX" your in a 2.5D world where unlike "Mario Missing" but like "River City" you could walk down the Alleys, and the adjacent halls ( as of now ) does not switch up on you.

Like "Astro Boy" I have no idea what is going on but I am sure I am playing "Megaman ZX" + "Legends" here but I controlling girls. Yes girls who walk around half naked taking damage from cyber-beasts.
Yes "Code Lieco".