"The Inquisitor" is a game that got me knee deep into it's world because

1. It looks like you do some Bladerunning/Snatcher/Rise of Dragon investigation.
2. There is some meleee combat like Zelda in a world like Zelda.
3. The world is literally like some bad-arse "Berserker", detective, thing.
But there is an actual world.

You walk around the world, filled with horny girls, who are clearly comming and
going standing still. Different age ranges and healths.

The entire game is literally what Morel Orel ( from "Morel Orel" ) would be playing right now.
It is the perfect game for somebody who comes from a Christian family while anybody could pick up
and play this game, only few will undersrtand how relatable it is to real life.

Imagine your walking outside, and a tall Anne ofGreen Gables and her friend presents themelves to you, and romantically ask you "Want to go to Church". Your heart is pounding that this prudish girl, is targeting you. Then you go to"Church and turns out to be some kind of Vampire orgy ( like that sprinkler cene from blade ).

Everybody speaks old-english. There is no diffference between this game and the real world.
It is like Zelda and Hyule is a real place and not just a Castle and small towns spread out.

Then goes that man who stole from your father. What will you do with him.
He has the knife behind him ready to stab you the moment you make a wrong

This game does not hold back. With some mods the locknore trophy could literally be the locknore truophy. You will smile non-stop.

Did I mention the vampires. We hunt vampires. In the name of JC. You know those Vampires who were happy JC was hung like at the end of "Passion of C".

You need something actually has something if anything fictional to do with religion.
Forget about that god-boy series who goes from state to state. Pick up the

Because you are Batman .... no wait your the Inquisitor.!!!!!!

Go play the demo at least. You will not be dissapointed.