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Thread: Vtech Socrates....

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    Default Vtech Socrates....

    anybody heard of Vtech Socrates going for 12 bucks with a game and i heard only ten games were made fo rit should I garb it 12cdn at local goodwill

    P.S In Canada larbour day goodwill everthing half off

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    I have one..You may be able to see it in the links below..

    I payed $3.00 for mine...

    I'd grab it for $12.00

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    Default s

    Funny you mention this...I've got one, or at least, most of one hidden areound here somwhere. GOt it at a yard sale for less than $5, I'm sure. Reason, I say it's funny, is because I haven't seen one since, except for last weekend, there was one at the local flea market!

    I'd talk em down to at least 10, aim for 8.

    The moral is, don't **** with Uncle Tim when he's been drinking!

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