Worked for a import game store many moons ago. The 2 consoles boxes were pretty badly water damaged (thank you UPS) so we took the stuffs out and hucked the boxes. They sat on the shelf for months and somehow I wound up with them. The systems are complete and brand new and NOT water damaged =)

The are respectivly:

Japanese pink Sakura Wars Dreamcast: (includes SW3 demo, SW3 DreamPassport III browser, and Sakura Wars Hanagumi Mail client along with docs/pad/etc)

Japanese "Derby Stallion" ('blue skeleton') Saturn (Sega didn't include a game but gave you stickers instead - what joiks..)

Email me any reasonable offers please at - paypal preferred but postal money orders acceptable (can't take checks at the moment, need to get an account with a bank that ISN'T 60 miles away...)

I'll be mostlikely dumping a LOT of Japanese Saturn games in the coming days, being unemployed for a year kinda puts the cramp on paying for college heh