Add to the list of distinguished guests at CGE one Warren Robinett.

If the name escapes you, for shame. This man has the dubious distinction of the first Easter Egg in video gaming: he was the guy who created an elaborate puzzle within the Atari 2600 game "Adventure" that allowed you to view his name in a secret room if you completed the sequence of tasks. For the uninitiated, Robinett also designed BASIC Programming and Slot Racers for the 2600.

From his site:
"Warren Robinett is a designer of interactive computer graphics software. At the University of North Carolina , he co-invented the NanoManipulator, a virtual-reality interface to a scanning-probe microscope, which allows a scientist to be virtually present on the surface of a microscopic sample within the microscope. In the mid-1980's at NASA Ames Research Center, Robinett designed the software for the Virtual Environment Workstation, NASA's pioneering virtual reality project. In 1980, he co-founded The Learning Company, now a major publisher of educational software. There he designed Rocky's Boots, a computer game which taught digital logic design to upper grade-school children, using an interactive, visual simulation. Rocky's Boots won Software of the Year awards from three magazines in 1983. In 1978, he designed the Atari video game Adventure, the first graphical adventure game."

More info on his slice of electronic gaming history can be found at his site:

Is this show gonna ROCK or what?!