I want to add Dragons Lair to my MAME cab.

I was hoping to find the Dragons Lair DVD or something on Ebay, but MAN there rae about a billion versions out there.

I bought one from EBWORLD a few months ago that was a CD ROM, and its got all 3 games. In crappy video that play in windows the size of postage stamps.

Is there a "definitive" version of this out there? I read on LeisureTimes website that the DVD-ROM version plays much smoother than the DVD-Video versions, so that is the one I am after..sadly, nobody seems to have it.

Any ideas on where I can pick it up? I see they have the new version with Space Ace and Dragons Lair Ii coming out, but frankly the game isn't that much fun...its a showpiece and not much more, so I dont want to spend $40 bucks buying some deluxe set (due out soon I guess) if I dont have to.

Any ideas on where to track this game down? I assume I'm still looking for the DVD-Rom version...

Thank you!