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Thread: Storing 1200+ Video games in a 600 square foot studio loft

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    Default Storing 1200+ Video games in a 600 square foot studio loft

    Pictures to come soon! I just bought a 600 square foot STUDIO loft (one room) and I have been storing 1200+ games in a friend's basement for a while now.

    I had resigned myself to never having many of my beloved games with me, as many are boxed and take up a great deal of room... 150 domestic Saturn games, over 100 N64 games, over 100 Genny, SNES, 32x, and SMS games... a whole lot of boxes.

    I want a neat place, not some testament to my geekiness and obsessive collecting gene.

    Any ideas on what to do?

    Oh, and by the way... I'm probably going to clear out my entire 3DO collection as it just takes up too much space and I never play it anyway, so here's the package if someone wants to make me an offer...


    2 consoles, 1 front loading, 1 top loading

    1. Alone in the Dark
    2. Ballz: The Director’s Cut
    3. Battlesport
    4. Blade Force (2 copies)
    5. Braindead 13
    6. Burning Soldier (2 copies, 1 in jewel case)
    7. Bust-A-Move
    8. Doom
    9. Dragon’s Lair
    10. Family Feud
    11. FIFA Soccer
    12. Fun ‘n Games
    13. Guardian War (2 copies, 1 jewel case)
    14. John Madden Football
    15. Jurassic Park Interactive
    16. Kingdom The Far Reaches
    17. Mazer
    18. Myst
    19. Night Trap
    20. Novastorm
    21. Off-World Interceptor
    22. PaTaank
    23. Pebble Beach Golf Links
    24. PGA tour 96
    25. Phoenix 3
    26. PO’ed
    27. Primal Rage
    28. Psychic Detective
    29. Quarantine (2 copies, 1 cd only)
    30. Road Rash
    31. Samurai Shodown
    32. Shock Wave (2 copies, 1 jewel case)
    33. Shockwave 2: Beyond the Gate
    34. Star Control II
    35. Star Fighter (2 copies, 1 jewel case)
    36. Star Wars Rebel Assault
    37. StarBlade
    38. Stellar 7: Draxxon’s Revenge
    39. Super Street Fighter II Turbo
    40. Syndicate
    41. The Daedalus Encounter
    42. The Incredible Machine
    43. VR Stalkers
    44. Way of the Warrior (2 copies, 1 jewel case)
    45. Waialae Country Club
    46. Wicked 18
    47. Wing Commander III

    ADULT GAMES WITH BOXES AND INSTRUCTIONS (I may have traded one or all away at some point...I forgot to update!)
    1. Blonde Justice
    2. Endlessly
    3. Immortal Desire
    4. Mind Teazer
    5. The Coven

    1. Gex
    2. Putt-Putt Joins the Parade
    3. Sampler CD
    4. Seal of the Pharoah
    5. Super Wing Commander

    1. Total Eclispe
    2. Iron Angel of the Apocalypse

    "other" GAMES
    1. Alone in the Dark 2
    2. Autobahm Tokio (import)
    3. Captain Quasar
    4. CD Karaoke Vol. 4
    5. Cyberia
    6. Demolition Man
    7. Dragon Lore
    8. Doctor Hauzer (import)
    9. Game Guru
    10. Killing Time
    11. Last Bounty Hunter, The
    12. Life Stage (import)
    13. Lucienne’s Quest
    14. Mad Dog II
    15. Mega Race
    16. Need for Speed, The
    17. Sampler CD Vol. 2
    18. Sampler CD Vol. 7
    19. Space Pirates
    20. Supreme Warrior
    21. Theme Park
    22. Ultraman (import)
    23. V-Goal ‘96
    24. Yu Yu

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    damn! i'm ONLY interested in the imports and sampler 2 & 7... :/

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    I also live in a small space with a child and two dogs and feel your pain. We have about 900 sf currently but have access to a basement. If you want to maximize you storage and livability I would consider hiring or befriending an architect. In my experience, I have really helped people to find and allocate space efficiently and humanly. The key is to find the right one who is able to work in your budget and lifestyle parameters. This can be quite a challenge. Barring that I would check out the books in the “Not so big House” series by Sarah Susanka. Although not for all tastes she does a great job giving you ideas for obtaining a livable environment in a space efficient manner. For a great look at the possibilities of small space living you should also check out “Tokyo: A Certain Style.” It demonstrates the design possibilities inherent in large collections. Lastly I would say Ikea can be your friend. They do an excellent job with low cost modular storage solutions.

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    I have no idea what this stuff is worth, but I'm always willing to play new games. Anyone want to clue me in on a fair offer for the lot?

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    I'd be willing to make an offer as well, but same boat, no idea what is fair for it
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