All are cart only unless specified; any major defects will be noted. Please PM me or email me at if you're interested in anything.

Atari 2600
Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back (crap label) $1

Atari 5200
Popeye (poor label) $1

Atari 8-bit
Missile Command $1
CO17945 9V AC adapter $5

Odyssey 2
Speedway/Spinout/Cryptologic $1

Venture $1

Texas Instruments joysticks $8
Parsec manual only $1

Sega Master System
F-16 Fighting Falcon (complete) $3
Sega Light Phaser $8

Vectrex—will only trade for other Vectrex stuff
Blitz (w/manual)

Disney’s Adventures in the Magic Kingdom (sketchy label) $2
Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out $5
Legend of Zelda (sketchy gold plating) $2
Zelda 2: Adventure of Link $6

Sonic 2 (not for resale version, 2 complete copies) $2
FIFA Soccer 95 (complete)$1
Genesis 2 console (all hookups, 2 controllers) $15

SNES (carts)--$3 each, sports games $1 each
Batman Returns
Family Feud
Beavis & Butthead
Super Mario All Stars--$8
NBA Showdown
Lion King
Bulls vs Blazers
Super Battletank
Paperboy 2
Natsume Championship Wrestling
NHL 96
Robocop 3
Madden 94
Road Runner Death Valley Rally
Mortal Kombat 2--$5

SNES (manuals only)--$2 each
Final Fantasy Mystic Quest (back page dog-earred) PENDING
Contra 3
UN Squadron
Final Fight
Strike Gunner STG
Madden 93
Soldiers of Fortune
Super R-Type
Darius Twin

Game Boy
Game Boy Pocket AC adapter $3
GBC—Star Wars: Yoda Stories (complete) $8

Virtual Boy
Teleroboxer $2 PENDING

Keith Courage manual only $3
Dungeon Explorer manual only $3

Boxed Nintendo Rumble Pak, brand new $5

PC Games
Ultima VII Pt 2: Serpent Isle (3.5 floppy IBM, complete?)
Ultima Underworld (3.5 floppy IBM, complete?)
Ultima Underworld II (3.5 floppy IBM, complete?)
Dragon Lore (W95 cd-rom, complete?)
Boxed Quickshot Starfighter 5 joypad, w/ 3.5 floppy of Wolfenstein 3D

Board Games
Onslaught (missing maybe a half dozen counters at most, ink on box?)
Roads To Gettysburg (Avalon Hill, believed complete, ink on box)
5th Fleet (Avalon Hill, believed complete, ink on box)

Random Stuff
Spawn DVD, still shrinked $5
Pioneer detachable face FM/cassette player, still in box, never used $60
Dragonlance paperbacks, about 25 or 30 different ones PENDING
Ultraman 24” plush dolls, 3 different versions, all boxed, about 10 years old

VHS Tapes--All are commercial releases in original cases except Go Nagai, and the Japanese wrestling tapes. Those are commerically released, but on blank tapes. Go Nagai and All Japan 12/97 have commercial covers though. Some tapes may be ex-rentals, but all are in excellent shape. Looking to get $2 each for these.

King Kong Vs Godzilla
Godzilla Vs Megalon (x2)
Zombie (Lucio Fulci)
Blood Sucking Freaks (sealed)
Baron Blood
Zatoichi—Masseur Ichi and a Chest of Gold
Zatoichi—The Life and Opinion of Masseur Ichi PENDING
Zatoichi—The Blind Swordsman and the Chess Expert PENDING
Usual Suspects
Love Me Tender (Elvis)
Rumble in the Bronx
Street Fighter (Sonny Chiba)
LA Confidential
Drugstore Cowboy
Dusk Till Dawn
Pulp Fiction
Reservoir Dogs
Taxi Driver
Making of Star Wars (sealed)
Night of the Living Dead
Indestructible Man
The Terror
Creature of the Walking Dead
Horror of the Blood Monsters
The Girl Can’t Help It
World of Go Nagai (animated)
God of Gamblers (Chow Yun Fat)
Flesh Gordon
Devil Bat/The Corpse Vanishes (2 tapes, Bela Lugosi)
Bucket of Blood/I Eat Your Skin (2 tapes, Elvira)
Hideous Sun Demon/Missile to the Moon (2 tapes, Elvira)
All Japan Tag Tournament 12/97
WCW Bash at the Beach ‘95
Best of Taka Michinoku
Best of Fire Matches (Onita, Mr Danger, Sheik, etc)
Sling Blade
Clash of the Titans
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
Ed Wood
Eegah (Elvira)
Spider Baby
Dracula (Universal, Spanish w/English subtitles)
Dracula (Universal)
Frankenstein (Universal)
The Black Cat (Universal)
Scared to Death
Robot Vs The Aztec Mummy
Dragon Against Vampire
Johnny Socko Vol 1
Buried Alive
Killers From Space
Dementia 13
Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things
Carnival of Souls
Crawling Eye

VHS Cartoons--the Marvel Comics cartoons are primarily from the 60s, except the Hulk and Spiderman which are 80s, and X-Men from the 90s. D&D is 80s. $2 each.

Popeye (sealed)
Superman (‘40s)
Amazing Spiderman (sealed)
X-Men Vol 1
X-Men Vol 2
Dungeons & Dragons
25 Classic All Star Cartoons Vol 2
Sub-Mariner Vol 1
Sub-Mariner Vol 2 (sealed)
Iron Man (sealed)
Spiderwoman (sealed)
Fantastic Four Vol 1
Fantastic Four Vol 2
Fantastic Four Vol 3
Captain America Vol 1
Captain America Vol 2
Hulk Vol 1
Hulk Vol 2
Amazing Spiderman/Hulk