In many RPGs, I've noticed that fighters are often hopelessly inferior characters. While spell-casters become much more powerful, fighters seem to reach a certain level of effectiveness, and then become useless past that point.

This is a problem in Lord of the Dungeon. The three classes of fighters are good at the beginning, but, once in the lower levels, only spell-casters are of any real value.

For example, Ninjas only get one critical hit per round. They can only wear light armor, and have no spell ability.

Monks, on the other hand, always get two critical hits per round. They cannot wear armor, but it soon drops down naturally to the best possible. And, by then, they'll have excellent Clerical spell use, which includes healing, resurrection, anti-poison, and even some excellent offensive powers.

It's not even close, and it's even worse with the other two fighters. In Dungeons & Dragons, at least they gain, for example, the ability to hit more than twice per round, but not so here. Other games have this problem, including The Bard's Tale 2.

In what games have you noticed this?