Were there any instances where you witnessed a death in a game that goes beyond the term "cheap?" I just had one about ten minutes ago. I was playing Ghosts 'N Goblins, and I had beaten the first two levels on one credit. Now, don't drop your jaws at that feat. I modified the difficulty to "easy," and I gave Arthur seven lives. That's not the point. The point is that I was walking through the second half of Stage 3. God, I hate that part. Those caverns are loaded with Red Arremers. But twas not a Red Arremer who delivered a cheap death. It was one of these guys:

The Petite Devils. I've always hated these pricks. Now, I fear them almost as much as the Red Arremers. Arthur was half-nekkid, and one of those spears from the "burrito demons" was heading towards me, but it disappeared just an inch away from Arthur. Whew.

Just a split-second...


GRRRRR... one of those freaking buttwipes appeared RIGHT ON TOP OF ARTHUR! He died, it was my last life, and I jumped at the sudden elimination of the poor knight. Plus, that music cue that plays when you've lost all lives, that does make me wince. Probably because I'm so used to the other death music. After a few seconds of shock, I nearly obliterated the monitor in frustration, but I thought, "rather than let the computer suffer, go on over to the Roundtable and vent your frustration!" It worked.

Any tales relevant to cheap fatalities that you have to share?