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Thread: Will the PS1 Agetec/A1 budget titles rise in value?

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    Default Will the PS1 Agetec/A1 budget titles rise in value?

    Are the PS1 Agetec/A1 games really rare, or will they be in the future? You can find lots of these games new and used everywhere. I currently own Aces of the Air, Shooter Space Shot, Street Racquetball, All-Star Slammin' D'Ball, and Board Game Top Shop. Recently, I bought Phix the Adventure, Little League Baseball, and Tall Infinity. I've also seen loads of Henry and Evil Mirror at Wal-Mart lately.

    Some of these games actually play better than you would assume. A few like Board Game Top Shop and Tall Infinity would immediately come to mind. My question is if you guys think that they might actually be worth anything later on. Joe has speculated on this theory in his T&T column, but I see more of these games than we might have originally assumed. I just want people's opinions on the matter. Discuss, and add the Zenimax/Mud Duck titles in this convo if you must...
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    I think one day they may be a bit collectable, but since they seem to have a large print run they won't be considered really "rare." Plus, like Joe has pointed out in the past, the PS-X has broken rules already with how long it's been supported, so really only time will tell.

    Though I agree, Top Shop is really a pretty good game. The first time I played it I was playing it for about 4 or 5 hours STRAIGHT, no movement AT ALL! It was quite a happy time.

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