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Thread: Return of the Orphange: Post spare boxes, manuals, carts

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    I have the following orphans for sale/trade. Feel free to shoot me a PM

    *Sega Genesis*: Mick & Mac manual, Gauntlet 4 manual, Acclaim poster, Warsong box

    *Sega Saturn*: Panzer Dragoon 2 Zwei manual

    *Sega CD*: Shining Force CD case/backart

    *Super Nintendo*: Zelda manual(US versions) , Final Fantasy 2 manual ,Lufia 2 box(fair shape), Mario rpg manual(poor), Captain america and the avengers manual , Y's 3 wanderers manual, Y's 3 Wanderers Box, Konami reg card, Capcom poster, The 7th Saga manual/map

    *Nintendo Entertainment System* Gargoyle's Quest 2 manual(no staple),,Kiwi Kraze box, Capcom Nes reg card,Wizards and Warriors poster, Wizards and Warriors 2 poster, Capcom poster x2, Broderbund poster, Nes playing with power poster, Nintendo Gameplan poster

    *Game Boy Advance*: Atari anniversary collection box/manual,Final Fantasy 1&2 Dawn of Souls box/manual, Breath of Fire 2 box

    *Game Boy* Mega Man 2 manual, Gargoyle's Quest manual, Donkey Kong box/manual, Final Fantasy Legend 3 box(squaresoft)
    *Game Boy Color* Donkey Kong Country box,
    *NEC TurboGrafx-16* Bonk's Adventure manual

    I'm looking to buy or trade for the following items

    Final Fantasy 3 snes manual
    Ogre Battle both maps
    Metroid 2 Return of Samus GB box
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