I have the following for Atari Lynx games for sale:

Ninja Gaiden III with instructions $17
Electrocop (rare ridged cartridge) $10
Gauntlet with instructions $10
APB with instructions $10
Joust $10
Rygar $7
Power Factor with instructions $7
Jimmy Connors Tennis $7
Shadow of the Beast with instructions $7
Paperboy with instructions $7
Stun Runner with instructions $7

Shipping is $4 on these games no matter how many you buy.

I also have a Lynx 1 with power supply for sale. It comes with Robosquash, Xybots, and Kung Food. The price is $40 including shipping.

If someone is interested in both the system and all of the games, I would sell everything for $115 shipped.

Please send me a private message if you are interested in any of these items.