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Thread: Castlevania Symphony of the Night Saturn

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    Default Castlevania Symphony of the Night Saturn

    Is this game an import only? Or was it released in the US?.

    Anbody have a copy for trade/sale?
    I am also looking for ankey to play imports on my Saturn, or a Jap Saturn.

    I love you guys, in a no-sexula way.

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    Default Re: Castlevania Symphony of the Night Saturn

    It's a Japanese only release.

    The Japanese title translates as "Dracula X: Nocturne in the Moonlight."

    Many folks are of the opinion that the added areas are rubbish, the graphics are resized versions of the PSX original, there's no transparency but the dithering is said to be OK. The new music contains at least a few remixes of old opinion is rather split on this one.

    I'd price a mint (not new) copy around $70 if you're buying from an online store or some such thing, so you should be able to do a bit better than that.

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    don't forget you get to outright choose which quest you are playing (alucard, richter or maria...that's right saturn owners get to play as maria renard!)

    interestingly enough ::gets a bob barker stick mike::

    I do have a copy and an import could be yours if the price is right!

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    Alucard also has three hands to carry stuff with and now has to battle Maria to get those glasses.
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    Having played both, I can say with confidence that the Playstation version is definitely the better of the two games. The Saturn version is still very good, but there's more access time and slowdown. In addition to that, the mesh transparencies look hideous... you'll swear that some of the ghostly enemies in the game were crocheted rather than drawn. However, the Saturn game does have some exclusives you won't find in its Playstation counterpart. The best of these are the new music tracks and the Haunted Garden stage.

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