In January I was in Manhattan, and visited a few videogame shops with a ton of selection, and imports. One was about a block from NY Penn Station (Madison Square Garden), I think near W.32nd & 7th. This shop has domestic and Japanese games, no Euro games at all. I was back today, and was in this store; I'm looking for another one.

Back in January, I was in an additional shop, that I thought was very, very near to the first, even on the same street in the same block. This other shop carried Euro imports as well as Asian, and at the time had a PS2 hooked up running Rez, and the guys running the place were not only friendly, but would let customers (me) play the game on the PS2, rather than just watch the demo.

The shop was long and a little bit narrow, with glass cases/countertops running along the side walls from front-to-back, and along the back wall. The PS2 was setup on the counter on the right of the door (as you enter), close to the front door.

Today I found the shop with the Jap imports. Despite a fairly heavy rain and my disbelief in umbrellas, I walked around the area for at least 30 or 40 minutes, looking for this shop. I never found it. Anybody here have any idea where or what this shop is/was?