I picked this game up at a pawn shop for a good price. I want to keep this game in my collection but I don't want to play it yet. I just finished Jedi Academy and I need a break from Star Wars games. I think I'll start this game in April.

Here is what I want to do. I want to play Crimson Skies but the 2 video stores in my town don't have a rental copy. I would like to trade my KOTOR for Crimson Skies for 1 month. After the month is up, myself and the respective trader would return the games to each other. Shipping should be $5 or $6 total. That's the cost fo renting a game for a week. This way you could take your time with the game.

My only condition would be I receive the game back in the same condition I sent it. Mint. I would, of course, do the same and take very good care of your game.

And maybe some references if you are not an established trader or if you don't have any ebay feedback.

Please keep in mind this would not become a permanent trade as I really would like to play the Star Wars game through.