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Thread: What are the must have Playstation imports?

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    Default What are the must have Playstation imports?

    I'm thinking of trying to get my hands on Gunner's Heaven and Hermie Hopperhead, but I'm trying to think of what other Playstation imports are absolute must haves?

    Not that Gunner's Heaven or Hermie Hopperhead are must haves, they are just 2 games that I've wanted to check out ever since seeing them in Die Hard Game Fan.

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    My personal pick for the must have PSX import I can sum up for you in two words: GRADIUS GAIDEN. Unlike the other Gradius games that were released for the PSX in Japan (Gradius Deluxe Pack and Salamander Deluxe Pack Plus, plus the ones on the MSX discs if you want to count those), Gradius Gaiden was never released for the Saturn. It remains to this day a PSX exclusive, and on top of that is one of the best Gradius games ever made. Hell, it's the reason I got my PSX modded in the first place.

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    if you like music check out a Japan/Europe exclusive named Vib Ribbon. Basically its an 'experience' game in which the game flows to the music. Since you can put in whatever CD you want the replay value is unlimited (assuming you like the game)

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