wow, the worlds longest lasting PS magazine is no more (this was a PS magazine only, not PS2), as issue 108 was released today, and it is the last ever Official UK PlayStation magazine. OPM was an excellent magazine from Future Publishing (the Edge people). I never believed it could last 100 issues, nevermind 108 issues. Also with cover CD, this time packed with Yaroze games. Needless to say I have all 108 issues with CDs (well, to tell the truth, some issues have gone missing, but I still have all CDs), and I will miss the magazine, as I am a huge PS fan.
(Fondly remember travelling to Live 95 in London, some weird guy from Ultimate (the magazine) shouting: PlayStation is here, PlayStation is here, throwing T-Shirts and other treats into the audience. It was mental).
Oh well, OPM, RIP!