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Thread: Seeking case ideas for my media PC

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    Default Seeking case ideas for my media PC

    Well, I've been working on media PC for my living room forever- The ability for my main stereo and TV to share the computer network that enlivens the rest of the house with games, video, and music on demand is crucial. The problem is, the damn equipment I have is too old, and frankly doesn't work.. So, I'll need to invest in new gear.

    Soooo... If I'm already spending $50 on a single piece of new gear to get an ugly and loud HTPC (Home Theater PC) working, why not consider spending $120 on an uberPC?

    So, right now, I'm looking for ideas on housing- I'm going to be using a Mini-ITX board, and very little else. To those of you with extensive PC or moding experience, you know what this means- To those of you without: This means I can put this computer in just about *anything*, a lamp, a big dictionary, anything.

    So.. Where's the interest? Why, sticking it in an old, broken console, of course! I've got some Intellivision II's and an Intellivision I that I could use, but, the Inty2 is a little cramped on the inside, and the Inty 1... well, it's pretty big and ugly, kinda the opposite problem. Anyone have any ideas for consoles that might make a groovy addition to your home theater... assuming that console suddenly started playing DVDs, TV shows, and nearly infinite music- All from the handy touch of a remote control? =)

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    Atari 5200 (BIG!) or 7800 (Big enough)

    You could just mod an Xbox, and call it a day, but that might not be as "kewl" .
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