I'm newly living in Florida.. and currently thousands of miles away from all my classic games.. Anyone here have any recommendations of good places to rebuild a collection from nothing? Any and all thrifts i'd found so far (I'm in the West Palm Beach area) have been great if I wanted ugly shoes or Dianetics books.. but bone dry of anything more interesting than a broken tape recorder.. I'm not looking to be a SomeGuy to anyone.. Just looking for some places to dig..

To make this a little more on topic.. Picked up some 70% off games at one of the many KB Closings..

Eternal Darkness GCN - $7.99
2 WarioWare inc. GBA - $7.99 each
Metroid Prime GCN - $7.99
Xenosaga PS2 - $5.00
Activision Classics GBA - $5.00
a few other games as well.. none over $8.. I hate to see KB closing.. But such is life..