Hi, i'm offering up the following stuff, for sale. I am no longer accepting trades as this has become the "finance a new starter for my crappy 93 tempo" sale. i need cash fast, cuz i can't get to school next monday without a new starter!!!
First the stuff for sale and the prices
This has been update due to a sale.
Sega cd games - $3 each, or 2 for $5:
Sewer shark - in jewel case with instructions. disc mint though.
ecco the dolphin - loose. disc mint though.
Joe montanta's nfl football - complete. mint.
lethal enforcers - loose. disc mint though.
sherlock holmes - loose
mortal kombat CD, i have that one mint too; $10.

I am also offering now dreamcast games, same price as the sega cd.
Virtua tennis - complete/mint.
World Series baseball 2k2 - complete/mint.
Nfl2k - has nfl2k2's case. disc mint.
NBA2k1 - complete/mint.
if youre looking for mortal kombat CD, i have that one mint too; $10.
Virtual Boy- Mario's tennis - $3, or mix with another game for 2/$5

also selling sega genesis 1 - with nintendo rf(tested working), ac, and 1 NEW controller - $7

Nintendo 64 dexdrive - $5 - with box if desired...driver disks....mint, barely used.
Ps2 game cases - have many. make offer
xbox game cases - have 10. $7 plus shipping
Gamecube cases - 12 for $10, plus shipping

I also have 1 of each of the standard av cables for dreamcast, xbox, ps2, cube, mono for sega 2/3/32x. if anyone wants those, i'll let them go for $2 each.
also have a lot of nintendo power mags left, make me an offer, i have most issues from 60 up to 160 yet, as well as 32-44 minus the felix the cat cover issue. buck each if you want them. I might have a few earlier issues from 6-19 laying around; make offer.

I also have the old "Giant replica" game boy case that was for the original game boy. You know, the one that looks like a huge game boy with a handle. this is complete with the inside racks for your game boy and some games and stuff. make me an offer.

I'll ship all this stuff on very reasonable rates. once you tell me what you want i'll have it weighed at the post office and charge you exactly what it is plus a buck for my packing materials.
my instant messenger id's:
MSN Crazed_Beaver_in_A_Coffee_Lake@hotmail.com - i do take messages without being added
Yahoo - krazy_kamino
AIM - crazy in wisc
EMAIL ME AT crazy-in-wisc@wi.rr.com otherwise.
or call my cell (920)254-4219.

if anyone doubts my integrity, my ebay id is crazy_in_wisc. my feedback is 152 with no negatives.