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Thread: Manuals galore!

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    Default Manuals galore!

    I'm looking for trades, so please don't ask me to sell them just yet. Let me see what I can get out of this for trades, and whatever is left over I'll consider selling. There's a HUGE (and incomplete/inaccurate) list of items I want HERE. Anything you guys can contribute to help me complete this mondo list would be great. Doesn't have to be complete; boxes, books, etc. for the games are fine provided they are in excellent shape, I'm a picky bastard.

    So, here are the manuals :

    NES :
    Burgertime [Good shape]
    Castlevania II : Simon's Quest [Fair shape]
    Dig Dug II [Poor shape]
    Jeopardy [Okay shape]
    Shadowgate [Poor shape]
    Super Mario Bros. 3 [Fair shape]

    XBox (all in excellent shape):

    007 : Nightfire
    Crimson Sea
    Enter the Matrix (X 7)
    Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb
    Mad Dash Racing
    Madden 2002
    Midnight Club 2
    Mortal Kombat : Deadly Alliance
    NBA 2K3 (X 2)
    NCAA Football 2003
    NFL Fever 2002
    Outlaw Volleyball
    Pac-Man World 2
    Pro Race Driver
    Sims : Bustin' Out, The
    Turok : Evolution

    Playstation 2 (all in excellent shape):

    Baldur's Gate : Dark Alliance
    Batman Vengeance
    Enter the Matrix
    ESPN NFL Primetime 2002
    F1 Career Challenge
    Giants : Citizen Kabuto
    Legaia 2 : Duel Saga
    Madden 2004
    Mummy Returns, The
    Nascar Thunder 2004
    NCAA Final Four 2002
    NCAA Gamebreaker 2004
    NFL 2K3
    Red Faction 2
    Smuggler's Run 2 : Hostile Territory
    SSX 3 (X 2)
    Street Hoops
    Super Bust-A-Move 2
    Tak and the Power of JuJu
    Turok : Evolution
    Ty the Tasmanian Tiger
    World Soccer : Winning 11 6
    WWF - Smackdown : Shut Your Mouth!

    Might be adding a few more, and I'll be adding leftovers to my orphan list, which you may want to check out to. Might be adding a few boxes in here as well, so keep checking.
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    Tell me, does that jeopardy manual for NES have a gold seal on the cover or a white nintendo seal on the cover? I am looking for one with a white seal to complete my game. I have some of those N64 boxes/instructions you are looking for (no games) if you are interested in a trade.


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