Howdy-do. I have some lightly used game-related action figures I'd love to trade with somebody. There's a picture of the figures at, and here's a quick list:

Eddy (Tekken Tag)
Lei (Tekken Tag)
Mordread (Dragon's Lair)
Nemesis (Resident Evil)
Ocelot (MGS2)
Olga (MGS2)
Raiden (MGS2)
Solid Snake (MGS1)
Solidus Snake (MGS2)
Zombie Dog (Resident Evil)

I'd prefer to trade all the figures at once, but I'll also do individual trades. My trade list is at, and I don't expect jack squat; two or three of the games on my list in exchange for all the figures would make me very happy. PM me with an offer. Thanks!

-- Z.