Guess I should do this since fairly new to the boards although I have been a member of DP for many years (still have my DP third edition, 1994, carry it to the "thrifts" when hunting for "treasures")

Name is Tom, I collect/play/trade in mostly classic games, console and computer. I specialize in RPG/adventure type since that is what I like to play the most. I also like to collect "rarities", even if not RPG. I have over 1000 games in my collection, another 1000 or so for trade/sale. You can find out more about me on my main web page (plus a history of the Ultima series), My trading history, you can check some of it at ebay, my ID is www_TomMage_com and my ID at GameTZ is TomMage.

Looking forward to some trading!! I am an "internet policeman" of a sort, I CAN'T STAND SCAMMERS/THEIVES. For example on lady in Malaysia stole many thousands of dollars from people around the world. I spent some time making reports etc and ended up having her thrown in jail. She gave back my money and a lot of money she stole from other people too (you can check history of this under my ID at GameTZ, her name is Sissy Lau). If anyone needs info on what to do if you get ripped off feel free to ask, I'll be happy to provide more details on how to handle things like that, IE DO NOT GIVE UP.