I have a few imports I want to sell off. i will consider trades too. Prices don't include shipping.I take Paypal,cash,MO
Advanced Daisenryaku MegaDrive boxed: WW2 hex strategy game with Hitler on the cover $5
Super Daisenryaku Megadrive boxed: Hex strategy game with modern units $5
Take both for $8

Dragon's Earth SFC complete(box dented in one corner) Strategy/simulation game in a Fanatsy setting. $5

Mobile Suit Gundam Gihren's Greed(Saturn complete,no spine,inner CD tray has cracked "spokes") $5
Quovadis(Saturn complete with spine) Strategy space game $8
Quovadis 2(Saturn complete with spine) Sequel to the first one $8
Take both for $14 or all 3 for $18

Shin Super Robot Wars(PSX complete no spine) $13
SD Gundam G Generation (PSX complete no spine) $12
Take both for $20
PM me if anything interests you