I have one slightly discolored Atari 130XE computer for sale/trade. The keys are kind of noticeable, the rest looks pretty good. Comes with original power adapter, RF cable, and owner's manual. Works, but I never figured out the disk drive start comand on it. I need to go back and retest and make sure it loads disks, just haven't had time yet. Will confirm before I trade away though.

I also have an Atari 1050 disk drive with power adapter & owner's manual as well. Tested and working.

Can sell/trade the both together, or seperately.

I also have games, both on cart & disk, but none are in my trade box right now, so I don't really want to let any go. But I'm always open to offers.

I'm looking for $25 plus shipping on the XE and $10 plus shipping for the 1050 or $30+shipping for the pair.
Will consider trade offers, lists prefered, from Atari to present.