GameCrazy is having a sale right now, where you get 30 percent off of used sports games.

They have a number of Genesis sports games that they sell for 49 cents, 89 cents and 99 cents.

So with this sale, you would get those games for 34 cents, 62 cents and 69 cents.

Now you might be saying, "Who cares about 30 percent off Sports games when you can get 30 percent of ALL Snes, NES and Genny games at GameStop"

Well that supposedly is true, but GameCrazy will sometimes have their Sports games marked much lower than GameStop. Especially Genesis sports games. I've seen some Genesis sports games that were selling for 49 cents at GameCrazy selling for $1.49 at GameStop.

So just be aware of that.

Unfortunatley, GameCrazy seems to sell their SNES and NES sports games for much, much higher prices than they do the Genesis sports games. While you can find Genesis sports games for 49 cents and 99 cents with regularity at GameCrazy, the SNES and NES sports games don't seem to go below $1.99. Even for the extemely common ones.

Game Stop does have some good deals on SNES sports games compared to Game Crazy. I've gotten a number of pretty good SNES sports games for 99 cents, and now with the 30 percent off, you would get those games for 69 cents. Anytime you can get a SNES cartridge below a buck, it's a pretty decent deal.