The new LE clear green Xbox. Still sealed unopened with reciept/warantee. I have been told only 15000 will be made, not sure about that though. I do know they are hard to find at stores, mostly preorders, my store will not have any more til end of May. It ain't cheap, $180 with tax. I would not sell it for that of course, would have been no reason to buy it then. It comes packaged with Halo and demo of Halo 2 I guess. Trading, my wish list.

The Captive
Class Struggle
Old Time Baseball (Stormfront)
P.T.O. (Koei) for MS-DOS
The Secrets of Bahras (for the Apple IIgs)
Alien Garden
Armor Assault
The Nightmare
Vulcan's Isle
Caverns of Callisto
Wizard and the Princess
Dark Crystal
Gelfing Adventure
Ulysses and the Golden Fleece
Mission Asteroid
Mystery House
Cranston Manor
Softporn Adventure
Time Zone
Ultima I
Ultima II
Most CD RPG/Adventure "Compilations", IE Sierra, Ultima, RPG archives etc
Six Gun Shootout
Adventure in Serenia
Myth Magnetic Scrolls
Cytron Masters
Objective: Kursk
Southern Command
Shard of Spring
Neverwinter Nights Gold Box

Some of these worth a good amount to me. If no one is interested I'll probably keep it sealed as an investment in my collection. PLEASE REPLY BY EMAIL FIRST, my PM box fills up too fast, if we make a deal we can do it through PMs so documented etc.