I'm really sorry.

I do plan on putting my sale back up after I get everything sorted out.

After I posted the sale on Saturday, I got a phone call from my wife saying that we had less than 30 bucks left in our bank account. Not that that isn't normal for me, considering the fact that I don't make a whole lot of money anyway.

Wasn't normal this time though, because there should be a few hundred in there, not thirty bucks. It's not a fault on our side, but the bank seems to think that it is, even though it's not. So, we're trying to figure out where our money went.

Said account is the one hooked to my paypal account as well, so until I get everything sorted out, I don't want to take any chances on doing something else to either screw it up worse, or even have them have to lock the account.

I really am sorry guys, and I will put the sale back up once I get things sorted out. Like I said, I just don't like to play around and take chances with stuff like this. I have a hard enough time trying to pay the bills and so forth as it is.

Sorry again, and I hope everyone understands.