Still need the paypal funds. Just added some N64 boxes and instructions

All games are DP prices or under (that is if the cart labels are bad or the games just aren't worth what it says). i will also note writing or whatnot on the carts. when i say writing on back of cart it isn't bad, just a number from a rental store (and maybe the store name). It could be cleaned off with the right solution.

Carts only

Arch Rivals - $3
Bases Loaded 2 - $1
Batman - $3
Black Bass (writing on back) - $7
Blades of Steel (torn top label, writing on back) - $1
Captain Comic (has instructions but they are missing front & backcover) - $5
Championship Bowling (writing on back) - $5
Chip'N'Dale Rescue Rangers - $5
Dash Galaxy in the Alien Asylum - $5
Double Dragon 2 (writing on back) - $3
Double Dribble (writing on back) - $1
Golf (writing on back) - $3
Gyromite - $3
Iron Tank - $3
Kabuki Quantim Fighter - $5
Karate Champ - $3
Kung Fu - $3
MTV Remote Control (writing on front) - $3
Magic Johnsons Fastbreak (writing on back) - $3
Simpsons, Bart Vs. Space Mutants - $3
Solar Jetman - $2
Star Force (bad top label) - $1
Super Off Road (writing on back) - $1
Target Renegade - $3
Tecmo Bowl - $2
Tiny Toon Adventure - $5
Top Gun (writing on back)- $1
Ultimate Basketball (writing on back) - $3
Wheel of Fortune Jr Edition - $5
WWF Wrestlemania - $2

Also, here are some NES boxes for sale. $2 bucks each unless noted

Bo Jacksons Baseball
Wayne Gretzky Hockey
Little Mermaid
Days of Thunder
Vice Project Doom
Guardian Legend (sun faded) - $1
Dr Mario (sun faded) - $1
Bucky O'Hare (sun faded) - $1

Or buy all of them for $10 bucks plus 2 bucks shipping... I'll also throw in bo jackson baseball and xenophobe manuals, both are a litte beat up.

N64 Boxes - Prices reflect condition.

$1.50 boxes

1080 Snowboarding
Aero Fighter Assault
Aero Gauge
All-Star Baseball 2000
Bomberman Hero
California Speed
Dark Rift
Disney's Tarzan
Extreme G
F-1 pole Position 64
Fifa 98
Fighters Destiny
Forsaken 64
Killer Instinct Gold
Mace: The Dark Age
Major Leauge Baseball Feat. Ken Griffey Jr.
Mario Golf
Micro Machines
Mike Piazza's Strike Zone
Mortal Kombat 4
Mortal Kombat Mythologies
Mortal Kombat Trilogy
NBA Hangtime
NBA In the Zone 98
Olympic Hockey 98
Rampage World Tour
Rampage Universal Tour
Ridge Racer 64
Robotron 64
Rugrats Scavengar Hunt
South Par Chef's Luv Shack
Star Wars Episode 1 Racer
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six
Twisted Edge
WCW vs. nWo World Tour
Wave Race 64
Wave Race 64 (players Choice
Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey 98
Wheel of Fortune
World Driver
Yoshi's Story

$1.00 boxes
1080 Snowboarding
Chameleon Twist
Cruis'n USA
Cruis'n World (has a tear on the side, but closes fine)
Doom 64
Gauntlet Legends
Killer Instinct Gold
Madden Football 64
Mario Kart 64
NHL Breakaway 98
Super Mario 64
Vigilante 8
Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey

50 cent boxes (boxes are pretty beat)

Donkey Kong 64
Killer Instinct Gold

N64 Instructions

$1 Each
Blast Corps
Cruis'n USA
Deadly Arts
Killer Instinct Gold (w/ cheat sheet)
Hybrid Heaven
Madden 64
Mario Kart 64 (w/ cheat sheet)
Olympic Hockey 98
Pilotwings 64
Rampage World Tour
Ridge Racer 64
Starfox 64
Star Wars Shadow of the Empire
Super Mario 64
Tony Hawk Pro Skater
Turok: Dinosaur Hunter
Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey 98
World Cup 98