I have a whole lot of misc. stuff that I need mostly accessories.

RCA Studio II RF Switch only.
Odyssey 2 version 1 controller (hardwired)
Atari 5200 3rd party controllers (need one inexpensive)
Commodore Plus/4 joysticks, I will take any games too.
3do Controllers (any kind, I have the unit and my contorllers just died)

I would like a Commodore Vic 20. I don't need anything fancy, just the console and joysticks and an RF switch. I already have a power supply. I'll take a few games if you have them. Pm me if you have an extra system to get rid of for cheap.

I am also looking for reasonable prices on the following consoles (they need to have all the hookups and controllers.)

APF M1000

I have a bunch of stuff to trade. I still have a decent amount of strat guides.
My highlights include
Sears Video Arcade II no joysticks or power supply
Good working Atari 7800 with 2 joysticks (power supply is spliced into replacement)
Nintendo Power Collection issues 1-137 (missing 7 to 8 issues in between)
plus some more.

PM me with any help or offers.

Thanks To All