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Thread: Time Crisis! Incredible Crisis!

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    Default Time Crisis! Incredible Crisis!

    Heh, not really.

    Larry installed a new server last night AND doubled our RAM - so you should start seeing some immediate improvements. With these things often come minor bugs. I'm typing this and the forum thinks it's 2:47pm EST. It's really 6:47am EST. Which means that everything you see until this is fixed is +8 hours!

    It's a real time crisis! I can't even trick the board. The flimsy tools I have only allow as high as GMT -12 (I need 13!).

    So as soon as Larry fixes the clock on the server things will resume as normal and I'll lock this topic. Just thought you'd like to know what's going on.

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    The clock is, as they say, fixed. However, you may notice some strangeness... a sort of back-in-time effect until all the posts you made earlier catch up.

    It's one of those temporal mechanics things. Just make sure not to fall in love with your mom while we wait for everything to get sorted out

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