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Thread: FS: Posters/boxes/manuals/parts/collectibles BIG SALE!

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    Default FS: Posters/boxes/manuals/parts/collectibles BIG SALE!

    Hello and welcome to my last-ditch "Get me some MGC money" sale...
    if you've done any trades or deals with me before, take 10% off. Buy $20 or more, and i ship it free. These prices are not set in stone; they're just guidelines. Make me an offer on MULTIPLE items and i'll be happy to talk.
    Paypal only unless you can scan the money order before mailing. I've been burned too many times on money orders. (kaine23 and Digitalspace are exempt, i've dealt with them before.)
    here's the merchandise. Go nuts. thanks in advance.

    Saturn – case and manual – Uncracked…$4 for each set .will divide, $2/case $2/manual.
    Soviet strike
    Virtua Fighter 2
    Norse By Norsewest: The return of the lost Vikings
    NBA JAM T.E.
    Virtua Fighter jewel case and manual!

    Note: I had some cracked cases and tossed the covers. So I have the case inserts and manuals for:
    Daytona USA
    $2/manual, $1/case insert, or if you want I’ll swap out a case from those above.

    Saturn manuals $1
    NHL 97
    NBA LIVE 98

    Sega Screams Vol.1 disc in sleeve $2
    Sega Saturn Choice Cuts disc
    Sub Pop Remix disc in sleeve $2

    Atari 2600
    Video Pinball – AND GAME. $2

    SNES BOX AND MANUAL - $2/manual, $2/box, $4/set
    Wario’s Woods
    Super Bases Loaded
    Rocko’s modern life
    Bulls vs blazers - $2 for the set

    SNES box only $2
    Street fighter 2

    Snes Manuals - $2
    Super Mario World
    1 white box insert for SNES $1

    1 n64 white box insert $1
    road rash 64 poster $0.50

    3 snes posters for $3, or $1 each
    Game Boy/Game Boy Color
    Manual Only - $2 each
    Kirby’s Dream land
    Wario Land 2 (Game Boy Color Version)
    Game Boy Camera
    Brown Pokemon TRAINERS GUIDE x2

    Game boy/game boy color box/manual. $4/set/will divide $2/box $2/manual
    Billy bob’s huntin’ and fishin’(eb sticker on front. Knock 50 cents off the box.)
    2 game boy advance white box inserts, $1 each
    2 game boy white box inserts, $1 each

    Game Boy Advance - $1.50 box, $1.50 manual, $3/set
    Banjo-Kazooie in Grunty’s Revenge
    Mario Kart Super Circuit
    Contra Advance: Alien Wars EX
    Super Monkey Ball JR
    Wario Ware
    Tetris Worlds
    Wario Land 4
    Splinter Cell
    Medal of Honor: Infiltrator
    Sonic Advance
    Namco Museum

    F-Zero Maximum Velocity manual - $1.50
    11 game boy precaution booklets. $0.25 each

    Sega CD – Chuck Rock 2: Son of chuck – manual $2; Case-insert $1
    Sega CD Ecco the dolphin game disc $1
    Sega CD – cardboard double case for Sherlock Holmes and CD classics. $1, and I’ll throw in the jewel case backing for the 5-in-1 cd classics.

    NES manuals - $2 each
    Tetris(Nintendo version)
    Zapper manual(orange version pictured)
    Super Mario Brothers/Duck Hunt
    NES precautions booklet
    NES cleaning kit box $1

    Sega Master System $2/box, $2/manual, $4/set
    Hang-on/safari hunt
    Thunder Blade
    Black Belt
    World Grand Prix
    Great Golf
    Reggie Jackson Baseball

    Genesis - $2/box, $2/manual, $4/set
    Ecco the Dolphin
    Ecco:Tides of time
    Bubba N Stix
    Brutal: Paws of Fury
    LHX Attack Chopper
    Sonic 2
    Ren & Stimpy Show: Stimpy’s Invention

    Genesis – Earthworm jim – outer cardboard sleeve and manual; missing cart holder cardboard - $1 for the outer cardboard

    Dreamcast - $3 for these box manual sets

    Sega Bass Fishing
    Sega Marine Fishing
    $2 for these DC sets
    Virtua Tennis
    NBA 2k1
    World Series Baseball 2k2
    NFL 2k2

    VHS tape for N64 game shark - How to hack like a pro video. $2.50
    N64 dexdrive manual - $1

    Turbografx-16 - Keith courage box and manual $1

    Neo Geo Pocket Color box and all three manuals…also comes with white cardboard insert and sonic pocket adventure manual…great shape $5
    Neo Geo Pocket Color – SNK official AC adaptor box and manual - $4

    Playstation 2 - $1.50 per case, $1.50 per manual. $3/set
    Smuggler’s Run
    Max Payne 2
    James Bond: Agent Under fire
    James Bond: Agent Under Fire(GH)
    ATV Offroad fury(GH)
    ATV Quad Power
    ATV Offroad Fury 2
    Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland
    Medal Of Honor: Frontline MANUAL ONLY $2
    Medal Of Honor: Rising Sun
    Twisted Metal Black Online(Cardboard slipcase and manual)
    Hitman 2: Silent Assassin
    War of the Monsters
    NHL 2002 - $1 for the case AND manual since sports aren’t worth much
    State Of Emergency
    True Crime: Streets of L.A.
    Midway Arcade Treasures
    Splinter Cell
    Silpheed: the lost planet
    Red Dead Revolver
    Sharkport BOX AND MANUAL

    Max payne – GH case only - $1
    adaptor start up disc manual - $1
    MotoGP 2 manual - $1
    DVD remote manual $1

    Mark of Kri – loose. $1
    ATV Offroad fury 2 – loose $1
    NCAA Gamebreaker 2004 – still sealed, $2
    Downhill domination – still sealed, $2
    “Welcome to online gaming” $2

    Xbox - $1.50/case, $1.50/manual, $3/set
    Quantum Redshift
    Serious Sam
    Splinter Cell

    GameCube - $1.50/box, $1.50/manual, $3/set
    F-Zero GX BOX ONLY
    Mario Kart: Double Dash!!
    Outlaw Golf
    Wario World
    WaveRace Bluestorm
    Splinter Cell
    Godzillaestroy all monsters!

    Misc. Hardware – priced as marked
    N64 Jumper Pak – if you don’t have an expansion pak..this goes in the slot. $1.
    2 NES game sleeves – one official, one not, 50 cents each
    2 snes end-cover – 50 cents
    jittery atari padles no handles $0.50

    N64 gameshark manual
    PS1 dexdrive manual

    Sega CD - Sewer Shark – game in jewel case with hacked-down manual. $2.50.

    Playstation – jewel case and manual; $1.50/case, $1.50/manual, $3/set
    Medal of Honor
    Road Rash 3D(GH)
    Syphon Filter(NON-GH)

    Xbox System Manual - $2
    Snes system manual - $2
    PS2 System Manual – $2
    GBA SP system manual - $2
    Game Boy Color system manual - $1

    Xbox – December 2003 demo disc – from xbox magazine

    32x - $2/box, $2/manual, $4/set

    Mortal Kombat 2
    36 holes starring fred couples

    32x Manual only – toughman contest

    Virtual boy – virtual league baseball box, manual, and virtual boy precautions. $1

    Sega – Robocop vs terminator poster – HUGE, VIRGIN GAMES ads on back, $1.50
    Posters from Nintendo power - $1.
    Nintendo catalogue from 1989 – products shown include Mario air chair, power glove, and 1990 calendar. $2.
    1988 fold-out NP calendar - $2
    “Pak Source” from 1990 – Info on all NES games at the time. $2
    Giant SNES hookup guide with ads for games on the back - $1.50
    Super Mario Bros 2 super power tip book parts 1 and 2 (both parts!) $4
    Prima’s n64 pocket power guide - $1.
    N64 100 power tips (from np 100 subscriber bonus) $1
    CLASSIFIED INFORMATION booklet from NP – nes/game boy. $1
    “Consumer guide strategies for Nintendo games” - $1
    “An Adventure in tetris” Paper pullout from NP, clay pictures! $2
    Misc Parts
    2 official Nintendo RF’s – both original NES style printing. $1 each
    1 official RF adapter part for N64/Cube – this is the part that plugs into the n64 or cube, that you then plug an RF into. $2.
    Legend of Zelda pocket watch – fake leather belt clip, black with triforce logo, and analogue round silver watch with picture of adult link, probably from ocarina of time - $5
    Hi speed port cover(gb player port) for gamecube –Black. $1
    Spacer ring for using 32x with a model 2 genesis - $3
    Saturn Extension cable - $2
    6 sets – official SEGA genesis controller extension cable box and manual, 50 cents ea.
    1 large plastic carry case for original game boy – looks like a giant original game boy. Removable inner plastic rack can hold Light Boy, Game Boy, AC, and eight games in plastic cases. $5

    thanks everyone. i know that's a crapload of stuff but i'm trying to clear junk outta my room. I'm not really looking for much in the way of trades but if you've got vice city related items PM me. ACtually, even if i have nothing that interests you, PM me anyway with vice city stuff, or any Grand Theft Auto stuff. thanks everyone!!!

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    I'll take the Battletoads poster

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    pm sent

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    I'm interested in the Alien Crush case & instructions....PM sent.

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    bumpness....whole thread updated from 2 paid sales.

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