I'm going to announce the industry legends we've confirmed attendance for at this year's Classic Gaming Expo at the Classic Gaming Expo site, but in this forum I'm going to detail them so you can take note of which games and items that you might want to bring along for signatures!

Al Alcorn

Mr. Alcorn began his career at Ampex in 1968 working on a high resolution video system. In 1972 he co-founded Atari and designed the first commercially successful coin-operated video game called PONG. In 1974 he built the first video game on a custom chip (home Pong) followed by the Atari VCS home video game machine which launched the cartridge video game industry.

He was appointed a Fellow at Apple in 1986; while there he worked on many projects including several new computer prototypes and a project that led to Quick Time.

He started Silicon Gaming in 1994 to develop a multi-media slot machine for casino gaming. The company went public in September of 96 and shipped their first machines in Jan of 97.

In 1998 Al founded Zowie Intertainment, a spinout from Interval Research. Zowie developed and produced a child's playset that had a location system that allowed the PC to respond to the child's play.

Mr. Alcorn holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of California. He is a member of the IEEE and holds several patents.