Hey guys,

This is my first post so 'hi' to all, however straight onto my question which has been driving me mad for years, hopefully until I found this forum

Now all this description is really vague, so please let me explain what I remember and I hope that someone else here found this game as interesting and can help.

I am in the UK, and this game was printed (I believe as a contribution) within a monthly Atari 400/800 magazine during these machines main life-cycle years in the early 80's - I cannot remember the name of the magazine but I did subscribe to it

The game featured a play area with a large castle area at the top of the screen, with a forest area below that leading down into various 'natural' obsticles - The theme of the game was very environmental.

The object of the game was to use various natural elements in order to progress up the screen and breach the castle wall. To do this you could use, or perhaps it was casting (as in spell), these elements in the shape of vortexes and floods - However the one element I remember most was the 'Elemental' spell - this little character (looked like a little demon) would blast large areas of forest or castle turrets like a bomb.

I seem to remember that two players would race to the castle and also use these same elements to hinder their opponent. in order to reach the goal first.

That is about all I remember, but I know it was very high quality for a contributed game and very addictive.

I hope this is the right place to post, and that someone could possibly put me out of my misery...