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Thread: WTB/Advice Needed N64 games

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    Default WTB/Advice Needed N64 games

    I just picked up a N64 for 6 bucks. I need the tv hookup and controllers for it. I also need some games. I've been scanning ebay for a package of misc games for this thing. The hookup and controllers are still available used at the local Gamestop for cheap. Can anyone tell me what's the best way to search for some kind of cheap lot to stock up on games for this thing? Does anyone here want to unload what I'm looking for? When I say cheap I mean CHEAP .

    Any help would be great.


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    N64 Game Lot

    There's some search words to get you started. You might also search peoples threads here, as sometimes they have N64 games for sale and in most cases, price beats eBay.

    Also, check Garage sales. The other week, I found Mario 64 & Diddy Kong Racing for $1 each

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