Hi Folks!

I'm auctionning some stuff from my private collection to help me out
to buy some furnitures since i'm moving in 11 days. Make a search in Ebay
under seller "slydc" to view everything.

Among what is auction is my Atari 2600 Kid Vid with Berenstein Bears ans Smurf Save the Day carts, Atari 2600 Obelix (complete), Atari 2600 Bumber Bash & Gas Hog, Atari 2600 Schtroumpfs, Atari 5200 Rescue On Fractalus,
Super NES Super 3-D Noah's Ark, SNES to 3DO controller adaptor, Tomy Tutor Hyperchase...just to name a few.

What is already sold (with the option buy it now) is a Atari 2600 YOKO cart (X-Man/Chuck The Chase Wagon), Colecovision Star Trek box & cartridge, (x15) SNK Neo-Geo CD vintage games, x4 Playstation Demo/Preview CD's, Atari 2600 Bachelor Party/Gigolo, Custer's Revenge, Philly Flasher/Cathouse, Burning Desire/Bachelorette Party, Knight On The Town/Jungle Fever, 2600 Ghostbusters, Atari 5200 Montezuma's Revenge and Portable VideoJet Game Master systems + game.

For the the direct link: