I have 29 auctions ending today. Some of the better items are K-razy Shoot-Out and the Masterplay Interface for the 5200, Stargunner for the 2600, and a demo cartridge for the Intellivision. There are some other hard to find items in hear as well. Thanks for looking.


I also have the following items for sale. PayPal only (U.S. confirmed address only). Priority shipping is $5 no matter how many of the below items you buy (this does not apply to my auctions). If you want insurance I will add it at the rate that the Post Office charges for the value of the items that you purchase.

5200 Repros
Super Pac-Man - $30 (rare label variation)
Asteroids - $25
Xevious - $25
Satans Hollow $26
Preppie! - $26

Redemption 5200 for the 7800 controllers $45 New

2600 Repro
X-Man clear cartridge $30

Gameshark 2 Version 2 with disk and memory card devise. I only used this a couple of times. $20

Please send me a private message if interested in any of these. I cannot accept money orders on these items as I need the money now. If you need a picture for anything let me know and I will try to get you one.